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Loaf Mass is or Lammas is the celebration of the Harvest

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Wheel of the Year

Lammas Grain Ripening in the Sun

August 1

Lammas,(LA-mas) or "Loaf Mass" (Anglo-Saxon), also known as Lugnasadh (Irish Celt), L¨nasdal (Scottish), Calan Aust (Welsh), Lugunassatis (Gaul), and Feast of First Fruits, is celebrated on or around August 1st. Lammas celebrates the first of the major harvest festivals of the year, that of grain or "Corn".

In England during the medieval era tenants were required to present to their landlord the first of the freshly harvested wheat crop. The first corn from this harvest was baked into a ceremonial loaf and given as an offering to the Gods.The last sheaf of corn was not consumed but kept back and made into a effigy to represent the spirit of the corn and the harvest, sometimes called John Barlycorn. The effigy was placed at the center of the feasting table and then next year when the fields are being prepared for the sowing of new crops, it was ploughed back into the soil so that the spirit of the sun and the corn did not die.

Among pagans, (especially those with Celtic roots), the most common name for this holiday is Lughnasadh, (loo-na-sa), in honor not of the God Lugh, but that of his foster mother Tailtiu. Tailtiu died while clearing the plain of Breg in County Meath for agriculture. Lugh instituted funerary games called ┴enach Tailteann in her honour, which continued to be celebrated as late as the 18th century.

The daylight is now visibly waning as the mature Lord of the Forest and Field becomes more the Wise Sage and his power awareness begins to pass from without to within. The Pregnant Mother Goddess rules beside Him as they both bask in the bounty of Nature in this, the beginning of the harvest season.

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Upcoming Events at Tree of Life

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Thursday July 3

Writer's Corner

Welcome to a monthly gathering of writers at Tree of Life.

This event will be facilitated by Anya & give you the opportunity to network & commune with other writers, while honing your skills.

All levels are welcome & there will be a wide variety of exercises & topics to choose from. Your input on additional activities is always appreciated.

This is a fun, professional event & you may choose to share/not share your work/critiques. The monthly format will be flexible in order to meet your creative needs & assist you in accomplishing individual deadlines & goals.

Please bring a 3-minute representational piece of your work to share at the first gathering. We meet from 7pm-9pm & some computer outlets are available.

Anya is an International Claircognizant Psychic using tarot, Palmistry, Astrology, Angel Cards, Runes & Numerology as her tools. She has been a Professional Psychic for over 15 years. She has worked in New York, England, Ireland, Peru, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania and throughout San Diego County.

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Friday July 11

Introduction to Energy Work

Learn to cultivate and channel your energy to balance your mind, body and spirit. In this class we will explore the ancient healing arts of Reiki and Qi Gong. Learn ways to build your energy, heal others, clear negativity / static energy and more. There will be meditation and some movement so please dress comfortably and bring a cushion to sit on if you like. Tap into the energy around you and feel how powerful you can be!

Trisha Huszka, owner of OB Massage, began practicing Reiki and Qi Gong in 2001. After leaving her home state of Connecticut and moving to San Diego in 2002 she became a Holistic Health Practitioner. Her experience includes martial arts, personal training, crisis counseling and a bachelor’s degree in Biology. The focus of her practice is to help individuals find a path to health and happiness in all aspects of life.

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Sunday July 14

Happy Birthday Diana!

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Friday July 18

Candle Magick Workshop

Join us for this hands on workshop in which students will learn to craft and use their own magical candles!

Each student will leave with several magical candles that they have created themselves, as well as an understanding of the basic principles of candle magick.

Diana has studied Witchcraft, Wicca, and Goddess Spirituality since she was a young Diana. She is an eclectic solitary Witch who practices a Joyous Ecstatic Tradition heavily influenced by Wicca and Goddess Spirituality.

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Thursday July 24
Saturday July 26



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