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Wheel of the Year

We're celebrating Beltane by dancing the Maypole Dance!

May 1

Beltane, (BEL-teyn, -tin), also known as Bealtinne (Caledonii), Festival of Tana (Strega), Walpurgisnacht (Teutonic), Roodmas (ROOD-mass) and May Day, begins sundown on April 30st and continues to sundown May 1st. Astrologically speaking, Beltane begins when the Sun enters 15 degrees Taurus which is in fact closer to May 5th. Some traditions celebrate on this date, calling it “Old Beltane”. Beltane marks the end of the planting season, and the beginning of pastoral summer. Beltane is celebrated by modern pagans as one of four fire festivals representing the waxing, light half of the Year.

The great central bonfire known as the “Balefire” was an integral part of this holiday. Often complex patterns were formed with the layout of the bonfire, special magickal symbols being used to help bind the magick to the land and ensure that the Years harvest would be a good one. The Balefire was also used to purify and consecrate. One custom involved herding all cattle in a procession through the smoke of the balefire to purify and bless them with fertility and health for the coming season. Newlyweds would jump over the balefire for luck and to consecrate and seal their vows. The next day, coals were taken from the remains of the fire and carried home to light hearth fires, thereby bringing the magick of the fire to bless their homes.

Another tradition of Beltane, one that has survived to this day, is the Maypole Dance. Believed to be originally a fertility rite intended to bless the land with a prosperous growing season, the dance involved the erection of a long wooden pole with varicolored ribbons tied to the top. Celebrants would then dance around the pole with ribbon in hand, winding and weaving the ribbons together. The resulting weaving was kept as a talisman until Samhain, at which time it was ritually burned.

Beltane was also a time to celebrate love, both physical and marital. Though full year and a day handfastings were quite common at this time of the year, marital vows were relaxed during Beltane. In addition to traditional handfastings, one night “Greenwood Marriages” were common during which couples would sneak off during the feasting, dancing, and singing of the festival to spend the night together under the stars and trees. Then next day, they would gather the dew that had formed during the night. It was believed that the dew of the first morning of May was magickal, and anyone who bathed their face in it would be blessed with beauty for the rest of the year.

The memory of winter has faded, and the air is warm and thick with pollen. Birds of the sky and beasts of the land begin the ecstatic mating ballet. The now mature God and Goddess consummate their sacred marriage, taking love and comfort with each other and in doing so bringing love and fertility to the world.

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Upcoming Events at Tree of Life

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Friday April 3

Shamanic Goddess Circle

Name her Selene - Luna - Mama Quilla - Diana - Hecate - Chang-o! The Moon Goddess beams her way into your heart, awakens your magic, sings the mysteries in your soul!

She comes into her fullness every month to shine new light and wisdom. She wants you to:

•Own your luscious, feminine self

•Drink in her wisdom and intuition.

•Remember her in your bones

We will invite the Full Moon Goddess to give us messages, healing and even dance with us.

Bring in a personal token of the Full Moon Magic to infuse with the Lunar Goddess Energy: white scarf, Moonstone, pearls, Goddess statue - or pick up something new here at Tree of Life.

You are always invited to wear whatever makes you feel like a Goddess.

I can’t wait to howl at the moon with you!

Inspired by my own experiences, teachers and wise advice from The Goddess.

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Saturday April 4

Public Full Moon Ritual and Celebration

Join us and Celebrate the Light of the Moon!

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Friday April 10

Healing Chakras with Crystals

Join us for an evening of healing and energizing. This class will explore the energies associated with the different Chakras of your body / spirit and how to balance them using crystals. Imbalances in the chakras can manifest as physical illness, stress, or general dis-ease. Each chakra is associated with different crystals to harmonize its vibration. Healing with crystals can be amazing and fun. Choosing, clearing and charging your crystals will be covered as well as incorporating them into your healing, meditation practice, and everyday life.

Tuition includes a Tree of Life Chakra Stone Set to start you on your way. Please bring water and a blanket or mat to sit or lay on.

Trisha Huszka has been practicing energy work and massage therapy for over 10 years. She is a massage therapist, personal trainer, Reiki Master/teacher and owner of OB Massage.

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Friday April 17

Meeting Your Spirit Animal and Animal Guides: The Spirit Animal Playground

Traditional healers, medicine men and women from indigenous cultures around the world have practiced some form of shamanic journeying for centuries, if not since the beginning of human history. When one listens to a rhythmic drumbeat, the mind reaches an altered state of consciousness beyond time and space, similar to lucid dreaming and meditation.

The traveler enters a non-ordinary reality to access spiritual guidance and healing, assist others and the planet, and reconnect with the cycles of nature. This class is a foundational level play shop where participants who are new to guided, live drumming meditation can experience the journey, and meet with their Power Animals for the first time. Students who have journeyed before can come with intentions to go deeper. You?ll leave with the tools necessary to continue this work on your own, and a new friend.

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Saturday April 25

Tree of Life Anniversary Celebration

This is a free event

Join us as we celebrate 9 wonderful years at Tree of Life!

We will be hosting a psychic faire with our many talented readers, healers and a few surprises too!
Come by and enjoy a session at our special reduced faire price.

We will have giveaways, specials and treats all day as well as high fives and hugs (upon request).

We look forward to celebrating with you (because you are totally cool)!

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