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I'm a Pumpkin! I love Samhain!

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Wheel of the Year

I'm a Black Cat in a Witches Hat!; I love Samhain!
I'm a Pumpkin! I love Samhain!Samhain I'm a bunch of white pumpkins- they call us baby boos!; I love Samhain!

October 31

Samhain,(SOW-in),Celtic for "End of Summer", is the celebration of the third and final Harvest. Celebrated on October 31st or November 1st, Samhain is also called the Witches' New Year. This was the time that livestock were slaughtered and preserved for the ensuing winter months. Any crops still in the field on Samhain were considered taboo, and left as offerings to insure healthy and plentiful livestock in the New Year.

According to Gaelic lore, the Tuatha de Danaan are on the move on this night, and it is customary to leave an offering of milk and barley on the doorstep for the faerie folk that they may refresh themselves on their journey and in so doing bless the home with good fortune for the coming year.

This is a magickal time when the Veil between the worlds is thinnest and communication between the mundane world and the afterlife is easiest. Because of this we decorate our altars in remembrance of our ancestors and others who have passed on and whose legacies have most influenced our own lives.

The God in his Sage aspect passes through the veil at this time and enters the realm of the dead, leaving the Goddess to mourn in her Crone aspect until Yule, when the God shall be born again and rejoin her as the Bright Son of the new year, demonstrating one of the Great Mysteries: All Endings are New Beginnings.

Psychic Readers & Healers

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Tarot, Rune casting/scripting,
Pendulum, Crystal casting, Palmistry,
Soul card readings, Past life readings
Private one on one reader training
Sun 1pm-5pm
Bill Jarosin Tarot,
I Ching
Second & Fourth Saturdays 1-5pm
Anya Tarot, Palmistry,
Astrology, Angel Cards,
Runes & Numerology
Thursdays 12:30pm to 5pm
Fridays 12-7pm
Jessica Oracle Card Readings
Shamanic Healings,
Chakra Clearings & Healings
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Upcoming Events at Tree of Life

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Thursday October 2

Writer's Corner

Welcome to a monthly gathering of writers at Tree of Life.

This event will be facilitated by Anya & give you the opportunity to network & commune with other writers, while honing your skills.

All levels are welcome & there will be a wide variety of exercises & topics to choose from. Your input on additional activities is always appreciated.

This is a fun, professional event & you may choose to share/not share your work/critiques. The monthly format will be flexible in order to meet your creative needs & assist you in accomplishing individual deadlines & goals.

Please bring a 3-minute representational piece of your work to share at the first gathering. We meet from 7pm-9pm & some computer outlets are available.

Anya is an International Claircognizant Psychic using tarot, Palmistry, Astrology, Angel Cards, Runes & Numerology as her tools. She has been a Professional Psychic for over 15 years. She has worked in New York, England, Ireland, Peru, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania and throughout San Diego County.

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Friday October 3

Shamanic Goddess Circle

Crazy Card Readings.

Every Goddess knows she needs a handy oracle or two (or twelve) to keep ahead of the game.

One day She went a little wild and started mashing them up! CRAZY!

Use two decks – you and your partner’s – to create new Readings and unlock the next level of your psychic channel - or to get over having to “know” a deck to learn how to use it.

You can ask for:




And have fun playing with your fellow Goddesses!

Bring your own cards, or borrow a deck from Mara. Diana will, of course, have an incredible number of exquisite decks that may want to come home with you...I know I keep buying them!
And, as always, feel free to wear or bring something that celebrates the Goddess in you.

About the Shamanic Goddess Circle

Reawaken the Divine Feminine within you and reclaim your natural, wildish nature. Did you forget you were a Goddess in order to survive through the chaos of this world? Sink your roots into the ground and feel into the life-giving energy available to us all as women.

Every month is different — just like we are. Join in this open Circle and journey down the powerful rivers of feminine intuition and healing magic. You’ll learn and experience shamanic techniques for personal growth and healing and discover your own personal Goddess self.

Who is Mara Clear Spring Cook?

Mara is a Shamanic Healer who works with groups and individuals toward becoming healthy, happy people.
Life is a gift we all deserve to enjoy!!

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Friday October 10

Spirit Animal Playground

Traditional healers, medicine men and women from indigenous cultures around the world have practiced some form of shamanic journeying for centuries, if not since the beginning of human history. When one listens to a rhythmic drumbeat, the mind reaches an altered state of consciousness beyond time and space, similar to lucid dreaming and meditation.

The traveler enters a non-ordinary reality to access spiritual guidance and healing, assist others and the planet, and reconnect with the cycles of nature. This class is a foundational level play shop where participants who are new to guided, live drumming meditation can experience the journey, and meet with their Power Animals for the first time. Students who have journeyed before can come with intentions to go deeper. You?ll leave with the tools necessary to continue this work on your own, and a new friend.

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Thursday October 16

Tarot I: The Major Arcana.

In this fun and informative workshop we will discover:

  • •The History of Tarot
  • •Aspects of the Major Arcana
  • •Definitions, Meanings, Mysteries & Intents of the Tarot
  • •Popular Tarot Spreads
  • •Simple Tarot Readings

Individual guidance and feedback provided. Books and Tarot decks will be available for use during workshop.
Please bring your favorite Tarot deck (if you have one), water, notepad and pen.

Anya is an International Claircognizant Psychic using tarot, Palmistry, Astrology, Angel Cards, Runes & Numerology as her tools. She has been a Professional Psychic for over 15 years. She has worked in New York, England, Ireland, Peru, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania and throughout San Diego County.

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Friday October 31

Samhain Ritual and Celebration

Celebrate our Loved and Cherished Ancestors on this Sacred Night!

The sweet magic of fall is upon us and we rejoice in it. The veil is thinner this time of the year and we are offered an opportunity to shake it out with those who have moved to the other side.

An ancestral altar will be created, bring a representation or offering to add to it if you like. This event is open to EVERYONE! If you can shake it you can make it! Dress to move both your body and your soul, bring a rattle if you like!

Diana has studied Witchcraft, Wicca, and Goddess Spirituality since she was a young Diana. She is an eclectic solitary Witch who practices a Joyous Ecstatic Tradition heavily influenced by Wicca and Goddess Spirituality.

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