Magical Aromatherapy Misters

All of our Aromatherapy Misters are created by hand from a proprietary blend of the finest Natural and essential oils available and magickally charged, right here in our location in San Diego!


Yule Magic Mister *LIMITED EDITION*
Yule Magic Mister *LIMITED EDITION*

Our magical mists are intentionally created, blessed, and charged to help aid in our different goals. For the Yule Season you can mist them around to help set and charge your sacred space with home and hearth magic, or wear them to keep that energy with you for a magical boost. Perfect for adding to the celebratory energy of your space!

Name Price Order
Yule Magic Mister *LIMITED EDITION* $6.95 /each

Name Price Order


Thieves Oil Mister
$6.95 /bottle
Air Magic Mister $6.95 /bottle
Fire Magic Mister $6.95 /bottle
Water Magic Mister $6.95 /bottle
Earth Magic Mister $6.95 /bottle
Aphrodite Mister $6.95 /bottle
Attraction Mister $6.95 /bottle
Banishing Mister $6.95 /bottle
Blessing Mister $6.95 /bottle
Clearing Mister $6.95 /bottle
Crown Chakra Mister $6.95 /bottle
Third Eye Chakra Mister $6.95 /bottle
Throat Chakra Mister $6.95 /bottle
Heart Chakra Mister $6.95 /bottle
Solar Plexus Chakra Mister $6.95 /bottle
Sacral Chakra Mister $6.95 /bottle
Root Chakra Mister $6.95 /bottle
Dark Moon Mister $6.95 /bottle
Full Moon Mister $6.95 /bottle
Ganesh Mister $6.95 /bottle
Goddess Mister $6.95 /bottle
Good Day Sunshine $6.95 /bottle
Good Luck Mister $6.95 /bottle
Green Man Mister $6.95 /bottle
Happiness Mister $6.95 /bottle
Healing Mister $6.95 /bottle
Lavender Mister $6.95 /bottle
Love Mister $6.95 /bottle
Love Yourself Mister $6.95 /bottle
Money Draw Mister $6.95 /bottle
Passion Mister $6.95 /bottle
Prosperity Mister $6.95 /bottle
Protection Mister $6.95 /bottle
Sage Mister $6.95 /bottle
Serenity Mister $6.95 /bottle