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Psychic Reader Bill Jarosin at Tree of Life

Bill Jarosin
Sundays and second & fourth Saturdays
1pm to 5pm

Bill Jarosin has been an astrologer and a reader of both Tarot and the I Ching for over 25 years. He believes that every person has a wise guide within; therefore, he will dialogue with you, through his tools, to help you uncover that unique voice.

If you would like an astrological consultation, and do not already have your own chart, please give your birth data (date, place, and time) to Diana at the store a day or two ahead of your appointment. Bill will calculate a chart at no cost. Please allow one hour for a first–time astrological consultation.

Besides natal readings (birth charts), other astrological readings that Bill can provide include transits for current information, solar returns for your current birth year, progressions for life-long developments, relationship chart-comparisons, and relocation analysis if you are thinking of moving..

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30 Minute Reading with Bill Jarosin $35.00
1 hour Reading with Bill Jarosin $60.00