Meet the Teachers at Tree of Life in San Diego

Anya Ruth Barret Marc Biagi Christine Breese D.D. PhD. Mara Clear Spring Kathy Cybele
Diana D. Cathy Duncan Raven Grimassi Lasara Firefox Bill Jarosin Carol Joysprite
Margaret Ann Lembo Ann O'Brien Gede Parma Christopher Penczak Fergus mac Roich Chandelle "Luanna".
Karen Tate Stephanie Taylor Kirk Thomas Kathryn Tinuviel John Van Dyke Katie Weatherup Jamie Wood


Anya is an International Claircognizant Psychic using tarot, Palmistry, Astrology, Angel Cards, Runes & Numerology as her tools. She has been a Professional Psychic for over 15 years. She is an active belly Dancer and founder of the dance troupe, “Merhaba”.

Anya teaches Bellydance and tarot. She conducts Past Life sessions and individual/group CCMBA healings. She has worked in New York, England, Ireland, Peru, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania and throughout San Diego County.

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-Special Guest-

Author Ruth Barret

Ruth Barret has over twenty five years of experience in ritual. She is a Dianic High Priestess and award-winning recording artist of Goddess songs. For two decades she served the Goddess community of Circle of Aradia in Los Angeles. As a teacher of ritual and magick arts, she has appeared at festivals and concerts in the U.S., Canada, and Great Britain. Today she lives in Wisconsin, where she co-founded Temple of Diana, a national Dianic religous organization.

Ruth will be appearing at Tree of Life on April 7th 2007 to promote her new book Women's Rites, Women's Mysteries. Join us for a combination book signing, lecture, and concert!

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Marc Biagi

Marc is a Wiccan minister living in San Diego who fuses together Eastern and Western traditions into his daily life. Every day begins with Taijiquan and Qigong. He's now studying Ashtanga Yoga. With a B.S. in Physics from U.C. Riverside, he found that his exploration into science led him to another realm, that of the metaphysical. Marc has over 25 years experience as a reader of the Tarot and his readings are greatly in demand. He regularly leads Full Moon and Dark Moon rituals at Tree of Life. He has also taught a number of classes on a variety of subjects from both the Western and Eastern mystical traditions. These have included:

  • "The Magick of Mantras" - a popular hands-on course on the understanding and use of some simple Hindu mantras that can be very effective in one's life.
  • ""Enter the Tarotscape" - a 5-week series on self-exploration and growth through the tarot for beginners to experts. Included a numerological approach and a focus on self.
  • ""The Great Tarot Arcade" - a series dedicated to a creative, intuitive and fun approach to understanding the Tarot through a variety of original games and activities.
  • ""Wicca 101: A Solitaire's Journey" - a comprehensive Introduction to Wicca series, focusing on the needs of the Solitary Practitioner.
  • ""Into the Cauldron of Cerridwen" - an intermediate Wicca series devoted to Dark Moon Mysteries and exploring the shadow.
  • ""Energy Work" - an intermediate Wicca series, though designed for those with no background in Wicca as well, with hands-on exploration of a wide range of energy techniques.
  • ""Chakra Balancing Meditation" - a Chakra cleansing and balancing guided meditation.
  • ""Magic Mirror" - a "Crafts of the Dark Moon" hands-on workshop where everyone creates and learns how to make and use a Magic Mirror for scrying, protection and more.

Marc's extensive background in Martial Arts, Dance, Music, and Performance, provide him with a unique repertoire of skills that he draws upon to design and facilitate memorable meditative journeys. He often incorporates them into his Tarot classes and workshops and his circle and ritual work, finding the meditative state to be a powerful gateway to personal growth and magick.

Marc will soon be teaching the upcoming PROTECTIVE SHIELDS OF TARA meditation in October, and an intermediate series on Spellwork in 2008.

For more information go to

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Christine Breese, D.D, PhD

Christine Breese is the founder of University of Metaphysical Sciences and has studied a variety of world philosophies. She is the author of Reclaiming the Shadow Self, director of the TV series Spirit Talk and she facilitates meditation retreats and workshops. She has a Doctor Of Divinity Degree in Metaphysical Sciences, and a Ph.D. in Metaphysical Counseling. Dr. Breese has overseen the development of a wide and diverse curriculum. However, at the core of all the courses is the encouragement for seekers and students to be in the moment, ever aware of the self as eternal consciousness that continues to have experiences even after the world of form has been left behind.

Breese has developed her own unique style of teaching which focuses on intensive guided meditation in order to facilitate direct and profound experiences of expanded states of consciousness. These direct experiences provide the opportunity to realize the truth of the Self. In her presentations, Breese helps people through discussion and meditation to explore awareness and how consciousness itself works. Dr. Breese also offers a question and answer portion of the meeting so that people can ask specifics about this process. She also helps people find practical ways to work into daily life what they find in meditation with discussions ranging from Living From The Heart, Surrendering to Service, Manifesting Skills, to What Enlightenment Is And What It Is Not. She also teaches classes on Lucid Dreaming, Aura Viewing, and Past Life Regression.

With the rapid growth of UMS, Christine’s presentations are becoming increasingly popular and well attended around the country. Christine has facilitated workshops at Breitenbush Hotsprings in Oregon, Mount Madonna in California, and the Edge Life Expo in Minnesota, to name a few. She will also be presenting workshops at Harbin Hotsprings, the Conscious Life Expo in Los Angeles, Bodhi Tree Bookstore, and other wonderful spiritual centers.

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Mara Clear Spring

Mara "Clear Spring" Cook is a Shamanic Practitioner, Teacher, Reiki Master, Temple Priestess and Intuitive Energetic Healer. In her practice Mara works with energy and Spirit to bring you closer to your healthiest self. Her practice includes Installation of the Munay-Ki Rites as taught by Dr. Villoldo and the Four Winds Society.

She is also a minister, Church of Healing Energy and is a member of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies and is also an initiated Temple Priestess, a shamanic priestess program founded by Mellissa Seaman and continued in San Diego by Jennifer Masters and Kaliani Divine. She has studied from, teacher-assisted for, and now teaches with her best friend and fellow shamanic practitioner, Katie Weatherup, founder of the Spiral Wisdom Program.

You can discover more about Mara at Mara Clear Spring .com

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Kathy Cybele

Kathy Cybele was raised in an Irish household where her mother filled her days with fairytales, Brownies (both the chocolate and the small mischievous kind) and magick. Thus, when Kathy found the path of Witchcraft in 1988, she knew she had come home. In 1992 Kathy joined a Celtic/Garderian coven, received her degrees, and was elevated to the rank of elder and High Priestess. Kathy founded and lead The Circle of the Sacred Meadow from 1998 – 2010.

Kathy still enjoys teaching locally and has taught over 200 classes. Some of Kathy’s classes are available as e-books on For more information you can visit Kathy’s webpage at

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Diana D.

Diana has studied Witchcraft, Wicca, and Goddess Spirituality since she was a young Diana. She is an eclectic solitary Witch who practices a Joyous Ecstatic Tradition heavily influenced by Wicca and Goddess Spirituality.

As an active member of the San Diego Metaphysical Community and owner/ operator of "Tree of Life Metaphysical Books and Gifts" in San Diego Diana teaches many classes on the Craft, including her popular "Crafts of the Craft" series which include Love Magick Workshops, Candle Magick Workshops, Magickal Incense Workshops, and Magickal Amulet Workshops, just to name a few.

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Cathy Duncan

High Priestess of
Circle Angkur

Born and raised in New England by an herbalist grandmother, Catherine Duncan has been studying both herbalism and practical magic for her entire life. A happy transplant to the southern California coast, Catherine is also high priestess of Circle Angkur and her coven is an active member of the local chapter of Covenant of the Goddess. Catherine’s classes in herbalism and energy work, as well as those on Wiccan life, have been a frequent feature in several of the local shops, including Tree of Life.

Cathy has served as High Priestess of Circle Angkur for the past 12 years, and has been an active member and supporter of the Calafia local council of Covenant of the Goddess (CoG)

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-Special Guest-
Author Lasara Firefox

LaSara FireFox is a writer, ritualist, sex-positive activist and educator, and designer/facilitator of a variety of interactive, exploration-based workshops and rituals.

Flirt Goddess" LaSara FireFox, MPNLP, is an author, coach, and master trainer. She's founder of THE ECSTATIC PRESENCE PROJECT and the boundary/PLAY collective. LaSara's book Sexy Witch (Llewellyn, 2005) was a bestseller in Germany, and has been on the company bestseller list at Llewellyn for over a year and half. Her second book, Ecstatic Flirting: Playing at the Edge of Self, is slated for publication in 2007. LaSara believes that the most r/evolutionary act we can engage in is to become healthy, strong and AWAKE!. She lives with her two daughters and husband in the wilds of northern California.

for more information visit

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Raven Grimassi
-Special Guest-

Author Raven Grimassi

Raven Grimassi is an award-winning author of over twelve books on Witchcraft and Wicca. He is also co-director of the College of the Crossroads, a modern Mystery Tradition School devoted to the preservation and continuation of pre-Christian European religion and spirituality. Raven is a practitioner and teacher of the Craft with over 35 years of experience. He is an initiate of several traditions including Brittic Wicca, the Pictish-Gaelic Tradition, and Italian Witchcraft. Raven's most recent projects are The Well Worn Path and The Hidden Path oracle systems, which he co-created and co-authored with wife Stephanie Taylor. Raven’s newest book is to be released in February 2008, Crafting Wiccan Traditions.

Having been born on the festival day of the goddess Ceres (Patroness of the Mysteries) Raven is devoted to preserving and teaching the Mystery Tradition of pre-Christian Europe. The oracle decks are designed to capture and transmit the foundational and mystical components of these ancient mysteries.
Visit Raven’s author site at:

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Bill Jarosin

Bill Jarosin

Bill Jarosin is an astrologer and reader of Tarot and I Ching. He believes that every person has a wise guide within, and so works in dialogue with his clients, via the mirrors of his tools, to help uncover that voice. Unless a particular method of intuitive consultation is requested, Bill usually draws on the Tarot or I Ching; astrology is utilized in a reading if you, as his client, provide birth data or a previously calculated horoscope.

If you wish to have a natal or other chart calculated for you, birth data is needed five days before the appointment. Astrological readings require at least thirty minutes (for one kind of chart only); one hour is best. An additional fee of $5 per chart is charged when a new chart is drawn. All charts are given to you to keep. Bill’s method of reading a chart is by utilizing it as a mandala, a focus for intuition, during the reading; in most cases, only chart fundamentals (basic placements, major aspects, structure) are analyzed prior to the consult.

Bill is also a poet who sees in artistic use of language (including jokes!) another mirror of soul. He holds an MFA in Creative Writing and an MA in Education. He has taught writing for many years and presented workshops on the I Ching at the San Diego Friends of Jung and at Magick Bookstore in National City. He has taught and read Tarot at World Books in Long Beach , at Magick Bookstore, and at HARP San Diego (Holistic Aids Response Program). He is a member of the San Diego Astrological Association.

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Carol Joysprite
-Special Guest-

Carol Joysprite

Carol Joysprite Reimer is a gifted healer, educator and author, as well as an ordained minister and bereavement counselor. Carol received her BFA degree in Education at Texas Tech University in 1988.

Since that time she has written curriculum for and coordinated educational programs, become a Reiki Master, a Master Practitioner of NLP, and has expanded and developed her own modality of healing with crystals, light and color for deep and effective healing on all levels. Carol offers group and individual education and facilitation.

Visit Carol online at

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Margaret Ann Lembo
-Special Guest-

Margaret Ann Lembo

Margaret Ann Lembo is the owner of The Crystal Garden, a bookstore, gift store and spiritual center since 1989 located in Boynton Beach, FL. She has 7 published spoken audio CDs, is a professional speaker, trained spiritual healer, Reiki Master, ordained Minister and Angel Therapy Practitioner®, and has trained hundreds of people as an Angel Messenger Practitioner®. For the past 21 years, Margaret has been facilitating workshops, weddings, lectures and private sessions in a variety of venues. Margaret’s book, Chakra Awareness: Transform your Reality using Color, Crystals, Aromatherapy and the Power of Positive Thought will be published by Llewellyn Worldwide in Spring 2011.

Her websites are,,, and

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Ann O'Brien
Ann O'Brien

excerpt from

Ann O’Brien is dedicated to helping you develop your awareness, become more present in your body, find inner peace, and realize your power to create the life of your dreams. Through her commitment to and in-depth training in spiritual growth, creativity and wellness she offers a living example of a life guided by love and truth.

Ann began meditation and spiritual study over 20 years ago in attempt to understand the intuitive abilities she realized as a child. Her early studies included creative visualization, tarot, western and Vedic astrology, eastern religions, and Aikido, which she practiced and taught to children at Boulder Aikikai.

Ann discovered yoga in 1994 at Mount Madonna Center with Baba Hari Das, and continued her practice in Los Angeles with many renowned teachers including Max Strom, Annie Carpenter and Gurmukh. She completed Yoga Works teacher training in 2006.

Since 1997 Ann has honed her skills as an intuitive, healer and spiritual teacher, working with clients and students worldwide. She is a graduate of Psychic Horizons Center?s clairvoyant program, and is ordained as a minister in the Church of Inner Light. She also completed a year of training in mediumship with John Fulton, and ten years of study and apprenticeship with Michael Tamura, former director of the Berkeley Psychic Institute.

Currently, Ann is most drawn to teachings emphasizing the heart. She is a passionate student of the relationships between masculine and feminine and spirit and body, and in the creativity and sacred relationships that are possible when these polarities unite.

Ann?s creative spirit gives her practical insight into the lives of her many artistic clients. Before her life as an intuitive and teacher, she studied poetry in the MFA writing program at Naropa University, and toured the U.S. as a singer/songwriter. She has also studied and performed improvisational theater; African singing; and modern, ecstatic and African dance. Now, she guides everyone from professional performers to those simply looking to awaken their creativity.

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Gede Parma
-Special Guest-

Author Gede Parma

Gede Parma has been an active member of the Australian Pagan community for years. He is an initiated priest of the WildWood Tradition of Witchcraft, a healer and seer, and a keen student of natural health and medicine. He is the descendant of diviners and spiritual healers and is of Balinese-Celtic heritage. Gede is a prolific author and teacher who’s titles include: By Land, Sky, and Sea: Three Realms of Shamanic Witchcraft , Spirited: Taking Paganism Beyond the Circle , and Ecstatic Witchcraft: Magick, Philosophy, and Trance in the Shamanic Craft

For more information, visit

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Chris Penczak
-Special Guest-

Author Christopher Penczak

Christopher Penczak is an eclectic witch, writer, and healing practitioner. His practice draws upon the foundation of modern Witchcraft blended with the wisdom of mystical traditions from across the globe. Formerly based in the music industry, Christopher was empowered by his spiritual experiences to live a magickal life, and began a full-time practice of teaching, writing, and seeing clients. His classes are a blend of traditional material, strong metaphysical principles and hands-on personal experience, encouraging all to find their own personal path and tradition. He is the author of several books, including The Inner Temple of Witchcraft, The Outer Temple of Witchcraft, Gay Witchcraft, Spirit Allies, The Mystic Foundation, and many more. Chris has been an honored guest teacher here at Tree of Life, and we look forward to having him here again in the future.

For more information, visit

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Fergus mac Roich

Grove Organiser
Coast Oak Protogrove

Fergus mac Roich is an ADF Dedicant and the current Grove Organizer of Coast Oak Protogrove. A long-time lover of nature and avid reader of deity-filled mythology, Fergus followed his calling to honor the Old Gods through Druidry. He joined ADF and formed a protogrove in San Diego with like-minded friends. Since that time, he has taught several workshops and lead public rituals to those who wish to learn about the path of the Druids.

Fergus has a B.S. in Cognitive Science with a minor in Anthropology and is an initiated Wiccan of the Sacred Order of Living Paganism. His teaching background includes over 20 years of Martial Arts instruction and online mentoring.

For more information on Coast Oak Protogrove, ADF, please visit

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Chandelle "Luanna"

Author of The Rune Stones, a quick reference booklet (C) 1999, Tarot, a quick reference booklet (C) 2003, with "Beyond the Celtic Cross", "How to be a Professional Reader", and "Beginner Tarot" books currently in editing.

Creator of the crystal reading kits Celtic Oracle, Wiccan, the Five Elements, the runestone kits Love & Relationship, Prosperity & Success, the crystal meditation kits for various uses, the chakra balancing kit, and the Sreamlined method of teaching the Tarot.

Luanna's high energy presentations, lectures, workshops, seminars and classes help people develop or expand skills in the areas of personal improvement, psychic enhancement, and divination.

Luanna has over 33 years of professional experience in psychic readings, spiritual counseling, lecturing, training, and consulting. Using crystals, runes, soul cards, Tarot and palm reading along with conscious channeling Luanna creates a unique reading experience.

Luanna has been a featured speaker on the regularly aired T.V. show "World Peace Now", lecturer for businesses, continuing education and other public service agencies. Her trainings, facilitating workshops and lectures are conducted within the USA and abroad.

Luanna is available for reading on Sundays 3pm-5pm and on Wednesdays 4pm-6pm. Walk ins are welcome, however Luanna's hours fill up quickly. It is therefore recommended that you schedule an appointment.
To schedule an appointment with Luanna call (619)223-3970

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Karen Tate -Special Guest-
Karen Tate
author of:
"Sacred Places of Goddess:
108 Destinations"

"There is nothing more exciting to me than standing on the very spot where our ancestors worshipped or where events occurred that changed the course of history. Suddenly the past comes alive and the distance between time and place dims."

(the following is an excerpt from

"For over two decades Karen's work has been fueled by her intense interest and passion for travel, comparative religions, ancient cultures, and Goddess Spirituality."

A prolific writer, published author, and tour organizer, Karen's most recent work blends her experiences of women-centered multiculturalism evident in archaeology, anthropology and mythology with her unique literary talents and travel experience throughout the world to pen Sacred Places of Goddess: 108 Destinations. Her published articles have appeared in both domestic and international publications since 1995. She is currently a contributing writer to Sacred History Magazine. Sacred tours she has led and organized have itineraries that circle the globe and through A Special Journey Travel, she continues bringing the like-minded to sacred sites to experience the joy of purposeful travel.

An ordained minister, independent scholar of the Sacred Feminine, and graduate of The Women's Thealogical Institute, specializing in Goddess and Women's Spirituality, Karen's particular emphasis is on the roles of women and the study of comparative religions and ancient cultures in a modern or reconstructed context. It is no surprise then that she is the founder of the educational, art, and cultural organization, The Isis Ancient Cultures Society. An Adepta within the International Fellowship of Isis, Karen was ordained by one of the founders, Lady Olivia Robertson, at Clonegal Castle in Ireland. More than a decade ago, the author began the Iseum of Isis Navigatum, a hearth of the Goddess within the FOI, which continues to fulfill her calling to help mid-wife the rebirth of the Divine Feminine in contemporary society.

Tate's insatiable curiosity, scholastic achievements and special interests help define her focus of building bridges between cultural and spiritual communities and promoting ideals of partnership, inclusivity, compassion and continuing education. To accomplish these goals, she is instrumental in sponsoring informative programs, workshops, ritual performances and artistic and cultural events in and around Los Angeles. Karen resides in Venice, CA with her husband, Roy, her life partner for more than twenty years. They are the creators, artists, and caretakers of the Isis Temple of Thanksgiving."

Karen Tate is often an honored guest teacher and speaker at Tree of Life. We always look forward to her classes and lectures here at Tree of Life.

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-Special Guest-

Author Stephanie Taylor

Stephanie Taylor is dedicated to guiding and teaching those who seek the Old Ways. She is a 3rd degree initiate of a Celtic Traditionalist system of Wicca, and a 3rd degree initiate of Italian Witchcraft (the Arician Tradition). She is a legally ordained clergy of Witchcraft. Stephanie is also the co-author and co-creator of The Well Worn Path Divination kit (2005) and The Hidden Path Divination Kit, September 2007.

She has studied, taught, and used the arts as a tool of transformation throughout her life experience. Stephanie is also a Tarot reader and teacher with many years of experience. She is co-founder and co-director, along side her husband Raven Grimassi, of The College of the Crossroads, an e-correspondence Mystery Tradition School and owns and operates Raven’s Loft, an online store.
Visit us at

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Rev. Kirk Thomas

Vice Archdruid of
Ar ndriaocht Fein: A Druid Fellowship

Rev. Kirk Thomas is an ADF Dedicant Priest and the current Vice Archdruid of Ar nDriaocht Fein: A Druid Fellowship. He is also the current chief of the ADF Liturgists Guild and the main liturgist for the Sonoran Sunrise Grove, ADF, in Tucson, Arizona. He has been writing, directing and performing rituals there regularly for 5 years. His background is as an actor/director, and he has a BFA in Theatre Arts and also studied for two years at the Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art in London. He is currently studying for his MA in Celtic Studies with the University of Wales, Lampeter. Kirk travels the country presenting workshops for Pagan festivals and ADF Groves as part of his duties as Vice-Archdruid.

Rev. Kirk Thomas has been an honored guest speaker and teacher at Tree of Life. We look forward to his classes here in the future.

For more information on the Ar nDriaocht Fein please visit

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Kathryn Tinuviel

Kathryn Tinuviel

Kathryn Tinuviel began practicing Witchcraft almost 20 years ago; first as a solitary practitioner and then as a member of Sidhe of the Blue Mist, a local coven.

After receiving her degrees in the Majestic based Wise-Rhodes Tradition, Kathryn began teaching classes. Because of her experiential style and ability to focus and direct energy, she became a very popular and well known teacher in the Greater San Diego area. As well as teaching, Kathryn also wrote and presented several rituals for Beltaine In The Park and Witches’ Night Out, events presented by Calafia, the local council of Covenant of the Goddess. Kathryn now holds elder credentials in CoG as a National member.

At a Samhain ritual in 1995, Kathryn was exposed to Victor Anderson’s Feri Tradition. As a result, she enthusiastically began to study Feri. Feri offered her everything she was looking for to advance her knowledge and power as a witch. Along with her studies, she continued teaching classes and presenting public rituals. However, her studies brought her to a point where, in 2003, she decided to discontinue her public life in order to concentrate on her Feri training and to work toward initiation. After nine years of study and practice, Kathryn Tinuviel was initiated by Dominic Elemirion on January 8, 2005. She currently holds the White Wand of a Feri initiate.

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-Special Guest-
Author Jamie Wood

Jamie is the author of The Wicca Cookbook, The Wicca Herbal, The Teen Spell Book, The Enchanted Diary. Jamie leads classes, workshops, and retreats on Aromatherapy, Herbalism, Indigenous Culture, i.e., creating natural body products, seasonal living, Earth Spirituality, and the Divine Feminine/Masculine.

Jamie is often an honored guest teacher at Tree of Life and has led several moons and rituals. To find out more about Jamie go to

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John Van Dyke
Coast Oak Protogrove

John grew up in the Christian path but always sensed there was more to the spiritual realm than the “one god” of his Mormon roots. The Shining Ones spoke to him constantly during his life through many sources until he accepted their call and reached back to them. He began his pagan journey with Wicca in 2002 and in 2006 he discovered A Druid Fellowship (ADF) and continues his learning by honoring the Spirits of the Land, the Ancestors and the Gods as a Dedicant. He cofounded the Coast Oak Protogrove with Fergus and leads workshops and public rituals. The Celtic and Teutonic Gods of his heritage influence and guide him.

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Katie Weatherup

Author of Practical Shamanism, A Guide for Walking in Both Worlds and Sex, Shamanism, and Healing: My Kissing Quest, Katie is a Shamanic Practitioner and facilitator. Using practices such as soul retrieval, she helps people come home to themselves and reclaim their power. Katie teaches classes and offers in person and distance sessions. You can find out more about Katie at Hans Over Heart

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