Calendar of Events at San Diego's Tree of Life

Friday September 22

Shamanic Sound Journey: Riches of Mabon

Limited to 22 particpants

Celebrate the harvest and receive the Riches of Mabon in a special Shamanic Sound Journey with Mara Clear Spring and Lora Wisdom Tree.

The Second Harvest brings balance, the magic of the five elements and is an excellent time to pray for peace!

In this Shamanic Sound Journey we encourage the inner peace and healing that allows us to receive with grace and ease. Guided Journey takes us into an Ancestral recollection of ancient harvest festivals and reclaims the bonding we experienced with our kin. We blend into Gong/Didgeridoo/Drum sound immersion to engage body, mind, heart and soul in a healing voyage.

About Shamanic Sound Journey

We set space and connect as a group ready to travel beyond this dimension. You settle back and rest upon the floor.
In deep drumming and guided journey you take off, flying through time and space.
Drowned by powerful waves of the gong, you vibrate between dissonance and resonance, your own rigid patterns of dis-ease dissolving away…
Ancient memories rise from the DNA, snakes of wisdom hypnotized by the mysterious droning of the didgeridoo…
Upon return, you'll be brought back to this reality gently.

Shamanic Sound Journey initiates profound healing at the DNA level. Life changes can occur immediately.

You will be on your back receiving healing sound and messages from your guides for at least 30 minutes.

Blanket and/or yoga mat for comfort on the floor!