Horoscope: A Snapshot of September 2012 presented by Bill Jarosin

Astrology Snapshots by Bill Jarosin

September 2012

Aries Aries

Some event has run its course. You may not see this clearly, or you may feel torn between holding on and letting go. Let go. Now’s the time to plan for a new cycle of activity, expectation, and hope.

Taurus Taurus

Last month was for play, some quality R&R. This month you can make hay of it all–build a life around your pleasures. What activity excites your passion, calls on your skills (or quest for learning), and has potential for tangible results? Go there.

Gemini Gemini

Last month you may have felt burdened with cares. Now it’s time to figure things out. Retreat, relax, and let your higher mind work within–whatever way is right for you to still yourself and become calm. Let that intuition bring you to new understandings, new decisions. But don’t act hastily; wait till you know.

cancer Cancer

This month you have the opportunity to take what you know and strive for a higher (or deeper) level of experience. Time to bring an outer accomplishment within and set it against the light of your values and sense of purpose–a re-definition of self by re-evaluating how feelings and experience match up. The outer and inner united will open the door to a balanced future.

leo Leo

If you followed last month?s advice (see archive for August), and acted on your desires with discretion, this month will reveal new discoveries because they are made within the context of patience. Use your heart to understand, because the findings may not make sense rationally. Some childlike wonder at hand here. Enjoy.

virgo Virgo

Did you learn new truths about yourself last month? (See archive for August.) This month you can build on what you know and incorporate it into a project you believe in; this is all for the good. It may come as an offer, a potential long–time commitment coming your way.

Libra Libra

Last month, you had the opportunity to turn waiting into a finer, more nuanced, understanding. (See archive for August.) Now your patience delivers compassion. This is not a mere accommodation of others, however, but a strong and guiding love. Find moments for practice.

Scorpio Scorpio

Heartache is never far from those (such as you) who live passionately. Yet, you may trust such pain as the royal road to understanding. Going deep is scary, but the secrets you seek don’t reveal themselves.

Sagittarius Sagittarius

Time to work on your skills and talents. Some effort is involved, but the potential rewards are great. This is not about new ventures, but about maintenance of your acknowledged strengths (as indicated last month; see archive for August).

Capricorn Capricorn

You’re in a process of creating a new foundation; it began last month (see archive for August) and continues now. Courage, passion, and creativity combined with an innate authority bring not only works to light, but also others willing to help and take your lead. Do you have the insight and discernment to act, and act well?

Aquarius Aquarius

A challenge: to find the buried treasure and yet harm none. What might be assumed to belong to others is up for grabs. Perhaps you are the one to make good use of what others have neglected, or maybe you have no right to touch. Be on guard for what may seem an inconsequential action that could send out far ripples.

Pisces Pisces

You may feel some tension this month between what your heart?s desire and the world (or your reasoning mind) demands of you. But it?s not either/or. Balance is the keyword here. If there?s too much to sort out, take things one step at a time. If all the candy looks good, or all the necessities unpalatable, have a friend (inner or outer) choose for you.

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