Horoscope: A Snapshot of October 2012 presented by Bill Jarosin

Astrology Snapshots by Bill Jarosin

October 2012

Aries Aries

This month you have an opportunity to work behind the scenes to effect modest but ultimately far reaching change. Stay honest, but use your head to plan strategic and timely action.

Taurus Taurus

Creative confusion reigns, or rather, a mysterious serendipity surrounds you. Have fun with others, and don’t ask for reasons. Trust an unseen providence.

Gemini Gemini

If you were able to use last month’s suggestion for a quiet sorting out of the concerns before you (see archive for September), this month will see happiness arrive to encircle you and those you love. A time of unconstrained communications with others.

cancer Cancer

If last month was a time for inner reflection, this month it’s time to act, albeit with diplomacy. You will face struggles with others to reach agreement over heart and home (about essential peace of mind). Accept the challenge; success through gentle perseverance.

leo Leo

The opportunity to act with authority on behalf of, or with, others is upon you. Marshall your strengths and forge ahead. Three keys: clear mind and clear action bring clear success.

virgo Virgo

In order for the potential blessings of last month to take root (see archive for September), you will need to let go of some irritating hangers-on, such as your own fears. Other people may encourage those fears; be wary of their advice. Look at the big picture, the ideal, and act modestly to further it.

Libra Libra

If you’ve taken your cue from last month’s column (see archive for September), then your byword has been “compassion,” and your intent, to put compassion in action. This month, build upon that premise by engaging in work that demonstrates your core values.

Scorpio Scorpio

What do you know that can be used to help others? Passion? Tenacity? The lessons of loss or frustration? Or the excitement of exploration? This month, find the opportunity that calls for you the help. And do so.

Sagittarius Sagittarius

Scale back your efforts (from last month; see archive for September). Underneath that flurry of activity lies the foundation for your home—the manifestation of your efforts. Just clear the brush and debris; follow the roots to the flower and you’re there.

Capricorn Capricorn

Opposition to your fire and drive shows itself. These challenges (particularly your own fears and doubts) would have you change course. If they help refine your intentions and steady your aim, good. But don’t lose purpose.

Aquarius Aquarius

Are you ready to fly? To defy gravity? You have the spirit for it, and the support. After a time of some hardship, you need to get away. Seek confirmation, make reservations, and take off.

Pisces Pisces

Last month, perhaps you had too much on your plate. (See archive for September.) Now you have a chance to discover gold. It’s no longer about weighing options (as was the case last month), but about accepting a surprising gift. Expect the unexpected in the place your imagination leads you; treasure at the end of a rainbow.

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