Horoscope: A Snapshot of May 2012 presented by Bill Jarosin

Astrology Snapshots by Bill Jarosin

May 2012

Aries Aries

Its time to come into your own. Last month (see April’s archive) you were counseled to act “modestly but with conviction.” Now the energy of fire (Aries) and the stability of earth (Taurus/May) combine to lend a more expansive authority to your actions. Indeed, act on your convictions; further, lead others to see tasks through.

Taurus Taurus

With spring comes the opportunity to revisit and heal old wounds. Seek a philosophy of acceptance, which can be found by practicing mind over matter, objectivity held to affairs of the heart.

Gemini Gemini

Spring arrives with an invitation to live by your beliefs. Put them in practice, walk your talk. This has lain dormant for a while. (Did you make a start last month, as advised? Carry on.)

cancer Cancer

You usually live well by your instincts. (You met last month’s challenges this way.) But now it’s time to take a step further and manifest a dream. What your gut suggests, do. Risk dancing instead of walking.

leo Leo

With spring comes an itch–to roar. But use it for your own sake first, to be roused from slumber (resting on your laurels, last month) and take your life in hand–or in paw, you lion, you. There is a tendency to think that your way is best, but don’t expect others to do what you will not; be a model, stay aware, and lead by example.

virgo Virgo

You have planned and made ready. Now‘s the time to enjoy your garden. Indulge the fragrances of life–modestly, which is natural for you.

Libra Libra

Love is in the air, a meeting of minds (a nice change from last month). Your springtime garden has blossomed; it calls to be put in vases and taken indoors. Someone wants to hold your hand; share a thought, give heart. Trust the mood.

Scorpio Scorpio

Enjoy spring but don’t get drunk. Time to use some well–considered thinking power. Hold your own council, trust you instincts, and act according to your inner wisdom.

Sagittarius Sagittarius

Spring flowers for you. A significant desire is at hand. Reach out and find fulfillment.

Capricorn Capricorn

If you started to manifest your dream last month (see April’s archive), this month finds you happily underway. Though the work may be modest or hidden, it is surely worthwhile. If you are only now jumping in, look around you; where is that new opportunity for creative work?

Aquarius Aquarius

What visions help to harmonize your soul? Not the pipe dreams (and not the nightmares of last month!) but the necessary ideals. Ask how your hunches, the non–mind you, can act in harmony with your thoughts to build your utopia. Head and heart are one; that’s your challenge this month.

Pisces Pisces

If you accepted the guardianship of an important need from last month (see April’s archive), then you will find your authority gracefully employed now and accepted by others. It’s time to act with skill, conscience, and courage to further emotional wisdom.

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