Horoscope: A Snapshot of June 2012 presented by Bill Jarosin

Astrology Snapshots by Bill Jarosin

June 2012

Aries Aries

Activity. Head and Heart working together to get things done. Last month (see May?s archive) it was suggested that you dream the dream and act on it. The task continues now. But “keep in mind that mind is to be kept in heart.” Your vision will be tied to humane goals, and the goals infused with vision. That combo equals success.

Taurus Taurus

Last month, healing tasks occupied your efforts. Now it?s time to leap up and out with a life reclaimed with the energy of acceptance. What calls to you now? What facilitates this “new” by supporting strength, understanding, and ability? That’s your path.

Gemini Gemini

Don’t get caught up in the headiness of your birth month’s return. Strong incentives arrive for you to live in the mind and inhabit a world of your own. Perhaps to think you’ve got the answers—for everyone. Be careful. Use your powers of mind to examine closely, to separate wheat from chaff, or you might run afoul of misunderstandings and false leads.

cancer Cancer

Where to now? That’s your question for the month—to examine and reflect. Last month it was suggested you manifest a dream. Now it’s time to envision the ongoing or evolving direction for this desire. Consider your core values; hold them to a practical, reasoned, light. Find the home base in a new land.

leo Leo

What do you really want? Time to dream. Imagine being happy (not as if a Leo never thinks of that). Where is your castle and what does it look like? Guess what? The dreaming itself is the happiness. Where is your castle in who you are and what you?re doing right now? Be content, if it?s good. Or if it’s not, find the thread of joy that leads out, and go.

virgo Virgo

This month, you might feel the need to redefine your inner realm. You might be feeling vaguely discontented with your life and searching for redefinition of what you’re all about. You, Virgo, have high standards, but don’t dismiss the potential to beg, borrow, or steal other’s insights to suit your own truth; not everything has to be unique or original—it only has to work. (Practical Virgo understands this; rely upon it.)

Libra Libra

Last month, some new mood of love appeared. Did you see it? Who or what was it? How did you respond? Because this month it’s time to weigh the pros and cons and work out an equitable balance. The blush has left the cheeks, but the love endures. Time to create a sustainable relationship of work or love.

Scorpio Scorpio

Progress in a humanitarian cause, something that stirs you to action. But keep your mind steady, your will firm. Practicalities may challenge your gut feelings. Stay with your instincts, but allow the advisory caveats a place at your conference.

Sagittarius Sagittarius

Last month: “Spring flowers for you. A significant desire is at hand. Reach out and find fulfillment.” Have you done so? Friends await; it?s time to share the blessings. (You may count them if it will help you remember.)

Capricorn Capricorn

Your work may have hit a snag: an overgrowth of ambition that creates conflict with others. Can you turn the conflict creative? Because there?s the answer: not particular solutions but a change of heart that will make your work more colorful, earthy and true to life.

Aquarius Aquarius

You are well placed to insist upon and succeed in holding your vision. Be sure to communicate it’s import; this wins support. Even then, some will not comply; let them go, hold your own.

Pisces Pisces

You have a mission: to see the heart bloom. Over the last two months, you have acquired the skill and authority to set out towards this goal. Don’t over-plan, but don’t dismiss the practicalities either. Carry on.

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