Horoscope: A Snapshot of July 2012 presented by Bill Jarosin

Astrology Snapshots by Bill Jarosin

July 2012

Aries Aries

This month, you‘re all about transformations. What appears to you as a challenge is instead an opportunity to find communality in difference. Aries has no trouble getting fired up for a contest, and lemons are delicious fruit–if you know how to make lemonade. This is a higher–order game, the kind that leads to serendipity.

Taurus Taurus

Last month, it was suggested that you leap into a reclaimed or recharged life. Now take that expanded self–awareness inward: seek renewal of value, thought, and feeling. Where and what is your truth? Mindfulness, stillness, truth—find your home there.

Gemini Gemini

As a Gemini, you’re good at using your head to figure things out. But can you figure out the heart? It’s time to claim your kingdom of heart–and–mind–together, partners in a new art. Meditate, sing, dance—be creative. Show the skeptics that Geminis have what it takes to feel deeply, albeit rationally.

cancer Cancer

The power to dream–that is your task this month; to know that your dreams express truths about your soul, and that you have available that which makes you safe. What will you do with what you have? Will you use it, now, to make your desires real?

leo Leo

Did you do your dreaming last month? (See the archive for June.) Because now it‘s time to ask how to bring the “inner castle””out as “tangible goods”—a real home. Home can be a house, a stage, a garden, a path. Find your robe, be it royal robe or bathrobe, and wear it.

virgo Virgo

Last month you were probably re–examining some aspect of your life; looking for redefinition of values and needs. This month, it’s time to use your new insights on behalf of a secure and stable life. Whatever you begged, borrowed, or stole last month, can be used now with your native skill and ability. From insight, with method, to manifestation.

Libra Libra

Last month, you worked to create a sustainable relationship of work or love. This month you should be feeling the fruits of last month’s effort–a realized dream. The potential for the union of deep desires with another’s response has led to an opportunity to build a life together. Perhaps the value will at first seem counter–intuitive or veiled in doubt, but it’s real. Go for it.

Scorpio Scorpio

If you have trusted your instincts (last month’s challenge), then despite the continued inability to see very far down the road, continue along it. Something not understood by rational thought comes to you–the perfect task for a Scorpio: your heartbeat has the answer.

Sagittarius Sagittarius

Last month: “Friends await.” Now one of them promises to be significant, a chance to explore and send down roots at the same time–a contradiction, a miracle. Do you dare? Don’t be foolish, but trust all the same. Listen to your pulse and join hands with another, in communality.

Capricorn Capricorn

Don’t fight the inevitability of loss; it’s time to let go of something you’ve considered important, time to create new space. Be ready, pockets emptied and waiting.

Aquarius Aquarius

Last month it was suggested that you hold to your vision and let those who do not agree with you go their own way. Now it’s time to go your own way. Gather your traveling kit and set out to make something of what circumstances have brought you. Seek a destination, find a map, and go.

Pisces Pisces

Since March, there has been a mission set out for you, a task either in hand or calling. If youve answered that call, this month should see its fruition. Don’t lose your head, lose your heart and dance.

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