Horoscope : A Snapshot of January 2013 presented by Bill Jarosin

Horoscope: A Snapshot of January 2013 presented by Bill Jarosin

Astrology Snapshots by Bill Jarosin

January 2013

Aries Aries

Last month you were shown that to live a harmonious life (of parts drawn into balance), you would find sufficiency. This month carries that sufficiency into wealth, if shared. Bring forth good feeling and live well because of it.

Taurus Taurus

Last month it was suggested that you had at hand a mysterious strength and that it would be good to trust it. This month the mystery bears splendid fruit. Work with the ways of the world, of manifest reality, to build, shape, and live that “secret connection to the divine“ (which is, after all, another name for the mysterious strength).

Gemini Gemini

Last month you had opportunity to take some time to relax and reflect. What have you discovered? What do you need to carry on, do well, and thrive? Put your head to the art of self–discipline, and find the do–able step–by–step path to self–sufficiency.

cancer Cancer

Keep a sharp guard on the entry to your home, metaphysically speaking. Look out for attitudes (yours and others) that bully you into coming out into the open to fight on a battlefield not your own. It’s your calendar, your clock, this time around.

leo Leo

Realize your fire—a new torch to play with. Learn a new skill, find love, tumble and get up again. Start the new year right: with a roar and a roll down a hill.

virgo Virgo

Time to entertain suitors— loves unlived and dreams unrealized. If you stand up for what you want and how you want to live, fantasies can become more than that. This month’s opportunity: to make dreams more than just dreams by seeing yourself as real within them.

Libra Libra

This month is an extension of last month’s honing of skills, of finding heart in your work. The difference is that more can be realized now, and surprisingly because of the very resistances that build roadblocks to success. Learn from these obstacles to direct a new path to the side and to the true goal.

Scorpio Scorpio

Last month: “Guts, brain, and heart.“ This month: the cleared field, the growing grain, the shady tree. Nurture your hard–won freedom by feeding the soul, in the heart, in the body, which is you.

Sagittarius Sagittarius

A magnanimous heart affects others in ways you can’t imagine. The hard–won fruit of an adventurous spirit, shared with others (last month’s challenge) also enlightens them, and you in return. Surprise.

Capricorn Capricorn

Last month it was said “you stand to reap satisfaction in proportion to the effort you’ve expended.“ This month, that effort brings forth the sun, as if breaking through dark clouds. It comes from work made joy. Can you stand it?

Aquarius Aquarius

Lucky you. Last month you were encouraged to fly. This month, wherever it was you landed is full of interesting things to see and do. Feel the child’s heart within and reconsider what this world is all about. No kidding.

Pisces Pisces

A starry sky, a cricket chirping, the dream that carries you home. You’re in your element: the dreams that sustain not only you, but also those in whose name you dream (and you do, you know). Carry this serenity, this at–one–ness, into your waking world. Keep your feet on the ground and your head above the clouds.

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