Horoscope : A Snapshot of February 2013 presented by Bill Jarosin

Horoscope: A Snapshot of February 2013 presented by Bill Jarosin

Astrology Snapshots by Bill Jarosin

February 2013

Aries Aries

What inspires you? Let your desire lead you to the muse, then pour forth. This month is likely to start as a time of preparation, reflection, and silence; then lead into quiet action based upon inner guidance.

Taurus Taurus

Last month's "secret connection to the divine" requires a leave–taking this month, a taking–stock of one's gifts and putting them in service to the dream. There might come a challenging season ahead, but the journey is a heart necessity.

Gemini Gemini

This month you can afford to party, intellectually speaking. Be the gracious host to ideas waiting in line to dance. But know that there are party–crashers, as well—feelings of dejection. Hold to your ideals and see yourself well on your way.

cancer Cancer

Your self–protective attitude has worked in a way you hadn't foreseen. The demons you hoped to keep out have indeed departed, but now you are left with the silence of your own soul. Allow the emotional stress of this, the angst. You are still protected, but the self–preservation efforts should be inwardly–directed, more than to perceived dangers in the "real" world.

leo Leo

Last month, play. This month, taking yourself in hand to get really strong. Challenges will forge you—a new temper, a calmer strength. And if people defer to the aura, it's only right—live up to it.

virgo Virgo

Balance the dream with its lived reality; in this, excellence and grace. An opportunity to see the gifts coming from mediation between thunder and lightning.

Libra Libra

You are in your prime this month, all dressed up and someplace to go. As is your strength, weigh the pros and cons of thought and emotion, and act according to principle. Others may depend upon it, along the way.

Scorpio Scorpio

What you learned last month about the essentials of life can this month be taken to market, so to speak. It's time to get on the road with your "wares" so others may receive benefit from your sure desire for the right things in life.

Sagittarius Sagittarius

If last month held a surprise for what may be gained in sharing your heart and spirit with others, this month sees the continued fruit of that "Hail fellow, well met!" Accept hospitality in return, the warmth of your inner home glowing outwardly on a winter's night. But make sure the invitations are genuine, or you will likely be asked to compromise your own integrity.

Capricorn Capricorn

You have this moment of glory, when the sun is harnessed to a focused intent. Last month it was said that your new light "comes from work made joy." As if by magic, your emotions and dreams support this continued glow.

Aquarius Aquarius

Feels good, no? To explore the dream? What, you're not taking advantage of your sun in its own sign to "make hay while the sun does shine? Well, get to it. No guarantee that all is indeed hay and not a few rats in the barn, but the ups that lead to lows lead back to ups again—the rollercoaster of life's desires. Bend, fall, crawl and stand again. All this month. Have fun.

Pisces Pisces

Come into your home sign this month on a hot rod. What do you really want? Dream it! But dream it truly, with harm to none, and you will be blessed in return, perhaps as a modest grace or maybe resplendently obvious. But if you don't wish with all your might, there will be no answer in reply, whatever it may be, and may it be to be May in winter.

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