Horoscope: A Snapshot of December 2012 presented by Bill Jarosin

Astrology Snapshots by Bill Jarosin

December 2012

Aries Aries

It’s time to relax into what you do best and thereby bring harmony into your life. Your resources may be strained, but with right application of your talents, there will be enough to cover all needs. This comes as a blessing in disguise, the opportunity to find joy and adventure in new, less expansive, pursuits than those that have driven you in the past five to six months.

Taurus Taurus

You may find a mysterious strength this month, one for which you cannot find the reason or source. If you follow your heart, and accept that the mind may lag a bit in understanding, this is all for the good because it leads you to trust your core values.

Gemini Gemini

Last month you may have been drawn to express your passion, to put your desires into action. Now you must stop to reflect upon what you have before you, what path to take, and how much of yourself you want to commit to what you think you want. That is to say, what you believe you want may not be so; therefore decisions should be put off for the arrival of clearer insight. A short while in mediation will help considerably.

cancer Cancer

This month brings a challenge to balance your material and spiritual needs. Consider how the higher aims of life can infuse and enthuse your everyday tasks. How can spirit fill your home?

leo Leo

What is your bliss? This month you can grasp it. Plumb the heart, find the heat, make a plan.

virgo Virgo

This month look for temptation to suggest that you are not who you believe you are. In fact, you know much about yourself. Don’t let others pull you astray. Stand up for your beliefs.

Libra Libra

What are you good at? What makes you forget passing time, something in which you gladly lose yourself? It’s not likely to be a new venture, but rather the culmination of skills that you have been honing for some time. This is the time to build upon that work, to find in the mundane an element of the sublime; that’s the heart’s reason to do the work at all. This, your gift for the holidays.

Scorpio Scorpio

You like your fights to get to the heart of the matter, your struggles to find the treasure in the cave. This month, you can do just that. The method? Befriend the cavern’s dragon and direct fire to blast rock, which means your passion can burst through resistance. Then hold your true self up to the light. Guts, brain, and heart.

Sagittarius Sagittarius

Don’t let the stresses of this month overwhelm you. Rest and relax; think on the gifts both given and received in the last year. Your best gift to give now? The spirit of adventure that animates you. Invite others to see what you’re seen.

Capricorn Capricorn

You’ve got a lot to offer, and though you might feel burdened at times, you stand to reap satisfaction in proportion to the effort you’ve expended. Last month’s endeavor sees this month’s rewards.

Aquarius Aquarius

Finally, time to fly. Let your ideas take wing and free your spirit. You have the choice of mouthing empty imaginings or of soaring on the jet stream to your true home.

Pisces Pisces

Perhaps you’ve had a recent setback in your hopes to find happiness. The loss is small, and best to let spilled water flow on. You still have plenty of good heart within; don’t let circumstance and sadness dry your moist intentions.

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