Horoscope: A Snapshot of August 2012 presented by Bill Jarosin

Astrology Snapshots by Bill Jarosin

August 2012

Aries Aries

Last month you were challenged to make some significant change. The process continues; you’re in a good position to see this through. But make sure you hold your own against competing claims to “the truth” What you feel to be right will be right for you; that is the essence of this transformation.

Taurus Taurus

Time for play; you’ll be called out of your shell. When someone comes knocking, answer the door “naked”—without expectations. Invite them in or go out hand–in–hand. Either way, find the music and dance.

Gemini Gemini

It’s summer, but you’re burdened with care—worries, commitments, regrets. You are not these thoughts, however. Find the higher mind and follow a shining path. Renew your vision and be the light for others.

cancer Cancer

You’ve had dreams waiting, perhaps acted upon. (See last month?s archive.) Now you have the very stuff that dreams are made of, all at hand. Do you recognize the raw materials of happiness? If so, enjoy yourself; if not, look around and reach out.

leo Leo

It’s your season, sunny Leo. Lot’s of fire in you, but though it is indeed a time of action, it’s not for spontaneous combustion. Think, have a plan, then act. You need presence of mind now; then all will accord with your intentions.

virgo Virgo

Last month you put down roots, made things real, saw tangible results. (See archive for July: “From insight, with method, to manifestation“—that was the conclusion.) Now, take it deeper: go to the heart of the matter, find the source of your beliefs. You have a unique ability to take strategic, principled and concrete action on the most elusive of truths. The world needs you.

Libra Libra

Last month, it was suggested that you respond to a need to realize a dream, a deeper harmony with another. Now it’s time to let the dust settle, to be patient so that everything and everyone can catch their breath. It’s not just a waiting game; let yourself be unburdened momentarily in order to understand with peripheral vision–a new viewpoint.

Scorpio Scorpio

Did you trust your own heart last month? (See archive for July.) If so, then this scorching heat of summer will not find you too far from shelter. The light may blind you; but your private water well is at hand. Act without ulterior motive, and again, trust the waters of life, however silent and deep.

Sagittarius Sagittarius

Time to act with authority in a matter of the heart. But this is an authority of patience, consideration, and tact. Favorable to act with passion, but intend solace. The rewards for using an innate discernment promise to bear fruit.

Capricorn Capricorn

You come into your own now, with a new authority. You’ve cut wood, now it’s time to light a fire. It’s not about drudgery (chopping wood, aching bones), but about a creative (fiery) use of resources. Set a match to the waiting fuel and breathe it into life.

Aquarius Aquarius

Last month you may have begun a quest: “Seek a destination, find a map, and go.” (See archive for July.) Having found the new world, so to speak, you may stumble upon a confusion of riches, apparent oppositions. Best to intend a creative union of thought and desire (the two main conflicts): both hold wealth. If you pay too much attention to one, the other may pick your pocket.

Pisces Pisces

A time to heal the heart, because something hurts. Examine the sources of your current affairs, and put your emotions into perspective. Thought, energy, feeling—in that order, to a restoration of wise emotions.

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